Is your social media content looking a bit lacklustre? Are you not engaging your followers? You are not alone. Content creation is a skill; one which is essential to any social media marketing plan, and it needs your undivided attention no matter what business you are in.

These five guidelines will help you to transform your social media profile from drab to fab.

1. Establish your goals

It is important for any business to ask “what are we trying to achieve on social media?” This could be as simple as determining how to gain more exposure for your brand / service or how to gain more traffic to your website. It could be more in-depth like wanting to target specific people in a specific area. Having a list of goals is your first step in the right direction.

2. Know your audience

It may seem obvious, but doing market-specific research and knowing who your target audience is can make or break the response you receive on social media. The advantage of using tools like Facebook’s Business Manager is that you can pay to promote your business through its advanced targeting features. It allows you to target specific demographics and have a wide or niche market reach. It really is an effective way to market your business.

“The better you know your audience, the more effectively you can create appealing content ideas, make formats decisions, handle positioning and placement, and promote the content”- Jayson DeMers, Forbes

3. Create original content

Making original, visually-stimulating content is vital to keep your audience engaged. Your followers expect a return for clicking ‘like’ on your page, so keep them interested by hiring a social media team. Handling notifications, monitoring how your ad does, and answering queries is a full-time job. Designing new posters requires professionals who know what programmes work best for editing digital media. Your business might be able to handle it internally at first, but as your followers grow, so will the need to spend more time on making quality social media assets. We can help with this.

4. Post at relevant times

Whatever you do, don’t waste your time by posting at unrealistic times. That means, updating your status or uploading a new ad campaign at 3 AM is not gonna work (unless you are targeting people on the other side of the world). Working out what times suit your audience is vital. Again, this relates to who your target audience is. If they are mothers with children, they might be busy between 6  and 9 AM. Get the idea? Maximize your results. It is relatively easy to work out when you get the best engagement. Simply go to the Insights tab on Facebook Business Manager. For Instagram analytics you can sign up to Quintly which allows a free 14-day trial. Thereafter the pricing packages start at US$ 129 per month. Sprout Social is a great analytics platform for Twitter.

5. Analyse your results

You can choose to analyse your social media insights on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This is the best form of feedback, because it will indicate which posts did well, with whom, and when. This is as direct as advertising can get. Reworking your online marketing strategy after reviewing your results will help with improving areas for future success. Get the team together to discuss the pros and cons of your last social media campaign.


In the digital era we all know content is king, but to really succeed in engaging your audience, we encourage you to contact us for further practical and theoretical tips. You need a marketing strategy that is clear and coherent, and most importantly you need to be producing quality content. It’s not too late to inject some oomph into your content creation! Applying these guidelines will definitely stand you in good stead for improving your engagement with your target audience and gaining more online exposure.