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Whether you have an existing brand that could do with some rejuvenation – or you’re launching a fresh brand into the market – we have all the skills and the smarts on board to prepare, position, and prime you for success.

From name generation to identity design and strategic modelling, we are perfectly poised to extract the maximum value for your brand, with seamless production.

With the skills and resources at our disposal, we can customise and craft your communications solutions in less time, and with greater dependability and scaleability, than ever imagined. And if you do happen to need any ground-up development or extreme customisation, we have all the skills in house to deliver on time, on budget, and with full support.

We pride ourselves on our customer service. We place huge emphasis on this aspect of our business and try to understand the unique needs of each of our clients. We respond to every request on the fly, and move tasks through our studio with expert precision, all the while tracking time and keeping you updated along the way.

Meet the team

That “future vision” of a connected, frictionless world is finally, fully here. And within our studio, you’ll find all the experience, the vision, and the skill sets required to position your business at the forefront of this digital economy.

We’ve got all the suited strategists, the hipster designers, and the geeky coders we need to help optimize your company’s potential through the development and implementation of engaging, robust, great-looking, cost-effective, and measurable solutions.

Not only are our people highly skilled, responsible and valuable in their own right; but ibay’s trademark sense of teamwork, sharing, collaboration and joint problem solving ensure that our work stands out, does the business, and surpasses expectations.

Ryan Wilder

Founder, Strategy & UX

Darren Swartz

Founder & Creative Director

Jason Hobbs

Founder & Lead Developer

Rob Picotti

CFO & Management Consulting

Louise Lerm

Key Accounts & Studio Manager

Jadine Peters


Zoë Hofstander

Community Manager & Content Creator