Reach new audiences, attract more customers and grow your business with strategic video marketing.

If you’re thinking of creating video content for your business or have video content that’s not generating views, then this is for you. We explore practical tips for how to attract views, get the most ROI from your production and why exactly video is the essential marketing tool.

Why video?


It’s personal – Besides for AR & VR, video is the most immersive form of content available to users on the internet. It allows viewers to get up close and personal with your company, products and people.

Accessible – New cameras, drones, editing tools and publishing software are making video more and more accessible to just about anyone. That said, if you want something pro, hire a pro.

Inspiring – Video allows you to present your company, products and people in the best light possible, to focus on your strengths and advertise your uniqueness. Understanding who your customers are will allow you to create video content that inspires them.

Informative – “How to” and “explainer” videos improve how customers interact with your company or products. It allows you to add value to their lives and help them get the most out of their relationship with you.

Memorable – The latest statistics show that 80% of viewers remember a video they watched last month.

Boosts SEO – Google’s algorithms favour websites with video content. Video content also helps to keep users on your website for longer.

Increases Reach – Traditional social media channels are great but don’t forget about Youtube, which has millions of potential new customers for you to reach.

How to attract views?


Quality – If you want your video to have long-lasting value to your audience, it must have a high production value and/or quality content.

Research – Browse videos in your category to get a feel for what your customers like and what your competition is doing, i.e. which videos received the most views and why?

Relevance and emotion – What is the objective of your video? Is it relevant to your audience? How do you want your audience to feel and react?

Length – Don’t dawdle, get to the point. Statistics show that users lose interest after just 180 seconds.

Make the first 3 seconds count – Always put your best footage first. Especially if you’re going to promote your video on Youtube, which allows users to “skip” ads after only a few seconds of play time.

Soundtrack – Add value to your video with well-chosen music or voice overs. Never use pirated music or platforms like Youtube may take your video down.  

Thumbnail – Attract more clicks with a well-designed and eye catching thumbnail image.

Embed on your website – Feed your Youtube video to your website to attract more click-throughs. Choose a position or page where the content is most relevant.

Distribute on your social channels – Publish and share your Youtube links on your social channels. Improve their reach by boosting them to a selected audience.

Advertise on Youtube – There is no better place to advertise video content than on a video platform. Users are already in a video viewing frame of mind, which greatly improves view time and engagement.

Enter film competitions – If you have created category leading content, why not share it with the world!

Collaborate – Working with someone who has a bigger audience will improve your video’s exposure. (See dji example below).

Targeting – People engage positively with content that resonates with them. Knowing the region, age, gender and interests of your customers will assist your video targeting.

Case Study: Erindi Private Game Reserve, Namibia

Strategic collaboration, video production and distribution


Let’s take a look at an ongoing video content strategy we have in place for Erindi Private Game Reserve.

Overall objective – to promote Namibia as travel destination.

Second objective – to promote Erindi as a safari destination within Namibia.

Compared to other tourist destinations, Namibia is largely unknown. So not only are we competing globally, but we’re also forced to fight for market share with a popular neighbors like South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe.

Lucky for us, tourism in Namibia is very active, attracting a wide range of travellers seeking the freedom, hospitality, safety, natural scenery and the abundant wildlife the country has to offer.

We wanted to create a video that showcases Namibia in all its glory, with a focus on our client, Erindi. We wanted the video to showcase the unique vegetation, landscapes, the vast number of animal and species diversity of Erindi. We also wanted to capture the emotional essence of an African safari, closeness to nature and being grounded.

Take a look at the result.


Now a video for Erindi had been in the pipeline for some time but with the imminent approach of a new website and video’s push as the marketing buzzword of the year, now seemed like the perfect time to make it happen. After all, when video is proving to generate 1200% more engagement and shares on digital platforms and 72% of users are choosing video consumption over anything else, it would have been foolish to pass up on the opportunity.


Erindi is a big place. We mean a really big place, with over 70 000 hectares of land and almost as many animal species. Not to mention conservation projects, indigenous villages and lodges all ongoing at the reserve. Fitting it all into one engaging video that kept viewers hooked right to the very end was going to be a challenge. We also had to ensure that the video wowed the viewer as much on mobile as it did on desktop because, in case you haven’t heard, 50% of all video is watched on mobile phones. That is a whole lot of eyes and conversions to miss out on if your shoot is poorly planned.

With all these factors in mind we knew we had to bring in some big guns, creatives that could not only shoot spectacular wildlife cinematography but also help craft it in a short time frame.


Naude Heunis was our first point of call for DOP on the project. As a wildlife/adventure photographer and filmmaker, with over 21 000 followers to his name, we knew he could bring both influence and skill to Erindi’s video. We also brought in Kyle Mijlof to document the project with still photos to accompany our video, to capture not only the behind-the-scenes of the project but also beautiful imagery to enhance the video’s distribution and marketing.


At ibay, there is nothing we hate more than seeing well-produced video content with no “views”. This tends to happen when the video is simply placed on YouTube. One in a few thousand videos will be lucky to go viral without a helping hand but really to ensure that your video has impact you need a well-thought out distribution strategy and some budget behind it. We would highly recommend embedding your video on your website as well, as it can increase website traffic by up to 55%.

With that in mind we distributed the Erindi video across multiple platforms to drive traffic not only to Erindi’s new website but also generate views for the video itself.

Marketing Results


Since the video’s launch, it has consistently achieved a 02:49 watch time, which is a fantastic result for a video that is 03:34 minutes long.

Views (11 July 2018): 145 220

Top demographics: United States, UK, France, Germany and Italy.



The video was edited and embedded as the cover image and published as a newsfeed post.

Total Reach: 138 000 (Organic 59 624, Paid 84 592)

Post clicks: 16 600

Reactions: 2 700

Minutes viewed: 28 590

Header Image views: 4 400



The video was broken up into smaller videos and published in the newsfeed.

Total views: 23 981

We set out to make a splash with Erindi’s video and as you can see from the above results we most certainly achieved that. When you make video content that your consumers enjoy, you are almost always rewarded with high engagement and more importantly strong sentiment toward your brand. So don’t be daunted when it comes to video, with the right team in place and the right message, creating a video that is inspiring and powerful is easy.